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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 3, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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national attention today voters in virginia will decide whether to boot democrats out of the governor's office after eight years. i'm andrea roane, howard bernstein is here with weather. angie has the traffic and we begin with howard and he says the tie says it all, sunshine yellow. >> maybe a few clouds in the afternoon but a dry mild day, where we should be this time of the year with highs in the lower 60s. breezy. patchy dense fog in spots. the american legion bridge has fog on that. be careful of that this morning and one or two spots with fog. 46 and 34 from shenandoah valley ridge squall airport to culpeper. easton 39. hagerstown 43 as is southern maryland and in fredericksburg we have 43 degrees. we will look for winds to pick up. drive home temperature under
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partly cloudy skies 60. right now in town 46. right now at 5:00 it is traffic time with angie. >> we off the new hour on this terrific tuesday. how about we have one? all right. 50 westbound we are free flowing from the bay bridge to the capital beltway. taking it outside, opening up the door, 270 drivers you are clear as om 121 to the spur. there we go. here's your shot. tracking those head lights. not too many causing delays so far. heading to virginia, what's up 86, okay centreville past 50 an flying the dulles toll road. drivers making their way from the greenway to the beltway and call it a wrap with 395 northbound. no delays from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. that's the traffic, now over to you. after months of hearing from the candidates today voters in virginia decide who
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will be the state's next governor. the polls open in less than an hour and as brittany morehouse reports, democrats are pressing to keep the top office in their party's hands. >> i feel great. we will win this. >> some call it denial, creigh deeds supporters would be offended by that. he cites past examples. >> i was an underdog running for governor. >> to show why they say their candidate can beat the odds on one condition. >> creigh deeds can win if people come out and vote. >> reporter: they are trying to make that if a reality. this past weekend democrats have made a last-ditch effort to get out the vote. >> i was away behind the primary and we won that thing. i have been down in the polls before. i'm not worried. >> reporter: republican candidate bob mcdonnell kicked
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off his campaign. >> we want more user friendly government, accountability, more innovation and privatization. he thanked the women the audience that he hopes will add to the turnout and that turnout means even more. >> last year we had so many volunteers across the nation but we have to carry that over but fortunately many young people are not actively engaged. >> mark warner, jim webb and congressman jim moran stumped for him. and sarah palin made a phone call to mcdonnell. but the campaign is distancing themselveses from palin. 9 news new and some voters in maryland will head to the polls to cast ballots in local races. voters will be choosing new
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mayors. there are also council races in several cities in town. polling times various by jurisdiction in maryland. look at those where you live at we have voter guides posted for both maryland and virginia. this morning, grief counselors will be waiting for students at forest park high school in woodbridge, virginia. a man arrived home in oak dale circle and found the bodies of his 17-year-old daughter and a male acquaintance. both died from gunshot wounds. this appears to be a murder- suicide. police say they are not looking for other suspects. authorities are looking for suspects after a shooting at the gold's gym in silver spring, maryland. he man is expected to survive. police describe one suspect as having a tear drop tattoo on
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his face. this morning's flu alert is good news from u.s. health officials. 30million more doses of the h1n1 vaccine are now being distributed. they expect the supply to increase over time and catch up with the tremendous demand. tests show pregnant women who receive the vaccine are well protected from one dose but young children still need two doses to mount a strong enough immune response. >> of not -- the risk of not getting the vaccine is much greater than getting it and the benefits have been clear. it reduces a response that is highly predictive of being protected. >> reporter: they will monitor the safety of the vaccine to watch for any side effects. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. good morning. >> wall street is hoping for a
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repeat of the rally yesterday and it's a real possibility. we could get what we want. ford profit fueled buying and we get the latest sales numbers. dow jumped 76 and the nasdaq rose 4 and the s&p up by six. you are going to have to pay more for holiday flights this year. some of the largest airlines including delta and united an american are doubling the surcharge for traveling on the busiest days. it will cost an extra $20 for travel on christmas, new years. a survey by consumer reports finds one in four plan to give smaller tips for service providers including barber and mailmans and the people who get the most tips are house cleaners followed by
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hair dressers, manicurists. >> we are good to our hair dressers. >> yeah. we need them desperately. >> we have the money-saving tip of the day and today we are decorating your house for free. >> we like that. so we can give more tips for free. some dc council members are denouncing groups that opoke helping same sex couples adopt children. hi. church leaders are asking for protections to keep same-sex marriage couples out of adoptions and other services offered by religious groups. council members said that would violate the law. >> what i'm concerned about is the way in which this issue is used to scare people. if you are not permitted to take public money and discriminate you will take your ball and go home and no longer participate. leaving the impression that
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children's well being will be sacrificed if you allow marriage equality in the city. that is not the case. >> reporter: the catholic church in mass massachusetts stopped its adoption program. dc's bill appears headed to an easy passage. could cold water help you lose weight? we will look at alternative weight loss ideas coming up. and a massive beef recall is underway after a couple of deaths from e. coli infection. and finally good news for hundreds of thousands of commuters on the west coast. it is 8 after the hour. 46 degrees. watching 9 news now.
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happy tuesday, everybody. traveling on the gw parkway no incidents headed southbound or accidents. i will have the realtime traffic coming up.
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in the news now, approaching 5:10, a new york company is recalling more than a half million pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated with e. coli bacteria. two deaths have been reported. fairbanks farm packaged the meat in september and sold it to several chains intruding -- including trader joes. look for recall information on our home page. the new navy assault ship was built in part with steel from the world trade center. first responders and family of the victims of 9/11 were at the celebration. crews pleated their repairs to the bay bridge. 280,000 commuters use the bridge daily. facebook is posting its policies for the pages of users
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who have died. that story is coming up in what's on the web. and doctors explore unusual weight loss methods to see how they work. here's howard. >> a chilly start to the day but colder air of the way before the week is out.
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welcome back to 9 news now. howard is here and no excuses, never an excuse on election day to not get out and vote but can't blame anything on the weather. >> you need a jacket out there. it will be a fairly nice day for november. let's talk about what is happening the next three days. while temperatures will be seasonal today in the low 60s the next couple of days chillier air moving in. thursday and friday is supposed to be the coldest days. so far i believe the fall season. thursday could be a passing spring, 52 and today is breezy with sun and a few clouds and low 60s. the bus stop forecast, clear and chilly this morning. 30s and 40s. sun is up 6:38 and definitely frost west of town and one or two spots we have had reports of patchy fog near the river but isolated. partly sunny anburiescy. highs today lower 60s. the winds are light now but 10
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to 15 this afternoon with the sunset 5 five 5:00. here on the bay northwest winds on the light side five miles an hour. we are expecting a quiet day. frosty conditions in martinsburg, culpeper, and 45 washington. and in easton and cambridge around 40. 45 national. light southwest winds and relative humidity is 90%. with the high near in the water that's where the fog. the ridge builds to the west and a it will little dip. the front themselves really knocking on our doorstep. this afternoon as the front
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will be pushing through. the winds will pick up. a few clouds with this front but that's it. expecting it to be dry with showers to the north and then tomorrow, high pressure builds in and then watch the next system it will give us a chance of a shower on wednesday night, maybe thursday. but that should be spotty with much of this activity staying to our north. the next seven break down like this. low 60s. maybe mid-60s if we are lucky. but a cold start today. tomorrow a few more clouds and 55. thursday mostly cloudy and 52. friday 51. but the weekends, angie, when was the last time we had a dry weekend? i have to look a that up. >> i don't look back. i only look forward when it is sunny. can't wait for the weekend. as always drinking that coffee, glad you could join us. 95 northbound we are live from the truck weigh station. where no delays up to 495. on the inner loop, speaking of
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the beltway, 95 to 6, clearly drivers are up to speed. on the outer loop we take it north of the district. a live shot at colesville road. drivers are moving without incident hardly any traffic here. move to the maps and take you to 95 and the bw parkway. both smooth rides from 1998 down to powder mill and we will wrap it up with a shot of the district. south capital street an the suitland parkway. no one is hitting the roads right now. over to you. in the living well, with the holidays around the corner you will look for new ways to lose weigh. the doctors put some to the test beginning with cold water [ no audio ] >> what we are talking about is studies are showing if you are in colder environments it may increase the activity of brown fat. brown fat is designed to keep us warm in cold environment and
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it actually burns off calories can burn off white fat, the bad fat. >> this thing is cool, man [ no audio ] all right. we do want to apologize for audio problems there, but you can see the doctors it was show every weekday on wusa 9 at 5:00. you have heard a lot about the seasonal flu viruses but doctors discuss canine flu and what to do to protect your four- legged friend. kristin fisher is standing by with what people are buzzing about on the internet. >> more than 300 million people around the world are now on facebook, but one of the top stories on the web is asking what happens to all of those facebook profiles when you die? sorry a rather morbid question for early tuesday morning but it is what is hot on the web
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this horning. check it out. this controversy started last week when facebook launched a new version of its home page. one of the features is that it automatically generated suggestions of people to reconnect with. the problem is for a lot of users many of those users came from people who were dead. katie sums it up best when she tweeted -- this led the head of security to write this blog post. and in the post he crystallizes the company's policy of they will do with your facebook profile when you die an the answer is they save it or minimalize it as facebook calls it. they took the decreased person's profile out of the search results and seal them from further log in attempts and leave the wall open for family and friends to pay their respects. now if you want facebook to
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minimalize a member's from file you need to fill out this form which you can find on and you have to provide proof the person has indeed deceased and one other option, facebook says they will remove the account all together if that is what the relative would prefer opposed to leaving the site up forever. and i have to say it is a tough question but in this day and age it is something that you have to deal with. if you want to find out more about the story, i will have all the links on my blog a >> thank you. alexander the great will be alexander the bench warmer for a while. plus, the redskins next opponent battles an undefeated team from a great city on monday night football. highlights coming up in sports. the time is 5:20.
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here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today -- in sport the phillies live
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to see another day in the world series thanks to the bat of chase utley. the had five home runs for the series. that ties reggie jackson for the most ever in a world series. the phillies led 8-2 at one point but the yankees rally back within two runs. phillies win 8-6. new york still leads the series 3-2. game six is tomorrow night in the bronx. monday night football was a battle of the nfc south division. the falcons were in new orleans trying to stop the saint's high- powered offense and try is all they were able to do. thomas managed to find the end zone twice. grier ran back an interception to pay dirt and breeze threw for 308-yards and two scores he said their best is still yet to come but the saints went on to win this one 34-27 and remain
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undefeated at 7-0. alexander ovechkin has missed four games in his five year career but that number is about to rise. the caps announced the mvp is week to week with an upper body injury. he is leading the league in goals and points at the moment. as for the specific nature of his upper body injury, apparently that's top secret. >> what is it? >> huh? >> think i'm going to tell you? >> tell us kind of where it is? >> no. >> you can either say whoa is me and our best player is out or say pull together and get the job done. >> reporter: turning to the hardwood the wizards take on the cavaliers tonight in the first real test of the season, despite missing jamison for three games and butler for the last one and a half the wizards are up under flip saunders. arenas is back to his old self and the team is looking to make
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a statement with this game. you can although the unemployment rate is expected to jump. there is good news for those without jobs. and ford posts numbers months after getting perilously close to bankruptcy. with polls opening in 35 minutes the two men vying to become the next governor makes one final can vast for votes. 295 from the beltway to the 11th street bridge drivers are moving. more traffic and weather is next.
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america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. there's some good news for millions of unemployed americans who could lose their jobless benefits before the holidays. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this morning. angie goff is here with the traffic. in just a moment we start off with howard bernstein saying good morning, and it is a good morning. >> it is a very good morning. we have fog near the river.
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>> fog crossing the american legion bridge. >> and also parts of the lower eastern shore. we have a little fog in a couple of spots but for the rest of us a quiet morning with a moon lit sky as it is the fall beaver moon if i'm not mci mistaken. a couple of clouds in ohio. clear skies. 30s and 40s up and down the mid- atlantic. cumberland 34. locally 39 in leesburg and steriling. rockville and andrews are at 39. and ft. belvoir and brandy wine 38. 45 reagan national but going to the 60s today. the noontime temperature 58 and 5:00 p.m. temperature 60. >> follow me on twitter, oh my goff is my name. look me up at facebook and i will hook you up. 270 southbound incident free from father hurley to the
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split. move it to the maps. route rout 4, route 5, crane highway, all clear. no accidents to report at this time. 395, a little volume is already starting to set in around the duke street area making your way to the 14th street bridge and 66 eastbound we are tracking the taillights from centreville past 50. not finding any issues so far or significant delays. that's the traffic. now, over to you. >> thank you. millions of unemployed americans could see their jobless benefits extended in to next year. the senate is expected to vote on the bill next week to extend the benefits up to 14 more weeks and in states where unemployment is above 8.5% the extension would run for 20 weeks. >> we anticipate we will continue to see some job losses in the weeks and months to come. >> reporter: new unemployment figures are due out at the end of the week and the jobless rate could be at 10%. the bill also keeps the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home
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buyers through next year. today democrats will debate a climate change bill. they hope to win committee approval before the spacial summit on global warming in december. republicans plan to boycott the debate. they want an appall jess on the bill's economic impact. voters in new jersey head to the polls in the three-way governor's race. polls show john corzine is neck and neck with republican challenger chris christy. he is getting support from christine todd whitman and president obama has made appearances with corzine. although trailing, independent candidate christopher daggett could play a major role in the outcome. all eyes are on virginia today to see if the commonwealth breaks the district of victories. polls open in just under 30 minutes. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is
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live with more. >> good morning. it is quiet here at marshall high right now. one of the polling places virginians will cast their vote. deeds trails mcdonnell in the polls but voter turnout is expected to make a difference in in the outcome. a victory is possible. governor kaine expresses the same confidence. >> i was an underdog running for governor. i got outspent. i was behind in the polls virtually the whole race but i won. >> creigh deeds can win if people come out and vote. >> if we get people to come out we will win this thing. >> reporter: bob mcdonnell wrapped up his last campaign day. >> we want more transparency, more user friendly account, more accountability. >> mcdonnell thanked women in the crowd and hopes they make an importance difference in the polls. the polls are about to open soon. we plan to talk to voters about
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the candidates. stick around you will hear their thoughts. alex trevino, 9 news now and many people who head to the polls will see more than sign up tables and voting booths. 2,000 bottles of hand sanitizers have been shipped to the cities and counties. many polling stations will provide cotton swabs or stirrers they can use to avoid contact with touch-screen voting machines. voters in maryland head to the polls today. there are a handful of mayoral races and city council seats up for grabs. look up details on the polling place, polling hours and more on the candidates at what might transportation look like in the near future? the district's transportation department gave people a look at the possibilities which include streetcars. vdot held an hope house last night in southeast. more open houses are scheduled
5:35 am
for this week. this morning prince georges county lead hers will vote on the future of a device to control transportation right now. today the council is scheduled to vote on placing speed cameras at 50 sites an the county. if it is given the okay they would be in place by january. 5:35. time for another living smart report and jessica doyle is back with good news for one of the big three automakers. >> that's a phrase we don't hear often anymore and it is a trend that could continue. good morning, everybody. ford just turned in a surprisingly large profit. the car company made a billion dollars in the third quarter, thanks in part to cash for clunker and cost cuts and is on track for a profitable 2011. ford is the only detroit automaker to skip a government bailout and bankruptcy court. the automakers will release sales figures with good news expected out from gm.
5:36 am
the news is not so rosy for taxpayers that gave money to general motors and chrysler. the government accountability office is out with a new report. it is highly likely $80 billion spend to help the awe mow takers will be fully recovered by the government. time for the money saving tip of the day. how would you like to decorate your house for free? check out it is an on-line marketplace where everything is free. people post descriptions of items that they no longer need. the last 24 hours the ones available have been pool tables, baby grand pianos and pillow top mattresses and a good place to find things for your kids, pet and hobbies an it is all free. for more advice check out my blog and follow me on twitter and i'd love to be your friend facebook.
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>> i was tempted by the baby grand but it was gone like that. >> i bet. disturbing behavior in children with their exposure to television. and first time home buyers there is time to take advantage of uncle sam's deals. what you need to know to act fast. here's angie. 50 westbound. we're at speed from annapolis through bowie to the beltway. stay tuned for what's in the news now.
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welcome back. heading to dc we are live from connecticut and oliver street. a very lonely oliver street. a good example of the accident free district we are dealing with right now. more shots are coming up. in the news now, television may increase aggression in young children. a study finds million children who watch tv or are exposed to other tv viewing are more
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likely to be aggressive. the american academy of pediatrics recommends not having children 2 years and younger watch tv. a broken water main created a geyser in van nuys, california. thousands of gallons shot in the air in an intersection. it took three hours to shut off the water a amazingly no building damage was reported. an hack of love gone terribly wrong in philadelphia. workers at an amtrak station discovered a battery powered timer at the base of a smokestack. they scrambled up the tower looking for a possible bomb. they found a string of lights spelling out i love sewn ya. whoever did it faces charges. you can help to choose the best stuff in washington. we will tell you how in what's on the web and the worst of the flooding is starting to subside in parts of the midwest but we have sunshine on the way, even though you are wearing gloves.
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>> it is cold out here. some spots in the 30s. an hour until sunrise. we will take you to break with a look at the almanac. we will be mild today but cold air is on the way. details coming up.
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you wanted more. u waed videos and phos... ail and brdband. you wanted to ruyour buss from anywhere...
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and stanmessa#g stay in h everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way hom ok yo wireless mpanies... grow your world. the first ever on-line lottery for the christmas tree lighting ceremony gets underway tonight and runs for three days the national parks service will distribute 10,000 free tickets. it takes place december 3rd at 5:00 on the ellipse. for links log on to and don't forget, you will be able to watch the lighting live here on 9 news now. and speaking of lotteries, there's an uproar in texas over who owns a million dollar ticket. willy willis says a store clerk lied to him about his ticket being a big winner. the clerk presented a winning
5:45 am
ticket to lottery officials and collected the million dollars and now they believe the clerk has returned to nepal and the lottery commission says willis is flat out of luck but his attorney plans to pursue the case. there's a little good news for thousands of midwest residents. the river crest overnight well above flood stage but is now receding. workers happen been pumping water out of low-lying areas to prevent serious damage. time to say good morning to howard. looking at the national christmas tree lighting. you have your gloves and han you need hand warmers. i remember doing shots out there. >> some of those lightings can be wonderful or sometimes miserable and you know it. >> and usually always cold. >> a cold start this morning but seasonably cool this afternoon. highs cracking the 60-degree mark and looks like wednesday, thursday, friday chilly around here, especially thursday and
5:46 am
friday. today low 60s. maybe 64, 65 with a few more clouds this afternoon. and sunshine this morning. tomorrow, cloudy and a 5 and thursday could be a passing sprinkle with a high temperature only in the low 50s. but most of the time it will be rather dry out there. here's the moms like bus stop forecast. temperatures this morning in the 30s and 40s. definitely a chilly start. clear skies. a patch or two of fog in one or two spots but most of us are enjoying a clear start to this day. partly sunny this afternoon and become being breezy. low 60s with a northwest wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. the sunset 5 after 5:00. the sunrise is 6:38. cold tonight in the 30s. light northwesterly winds and may stay around 40 in town. you can see the difference. reagan national 45. annapolis 44. southern maryland 453 get away from water. supposed to drop off in the middle 30s. martinsburg at 33.
5:47 am
it is 40 in fredericksburg a chilly start. as far as the fog is concerned we don't see a lot of reduced visibility until you look to southern maryland, three- quarter mile vicinity at the naval air station. we have had reports of fog on the potomac. one or two spots will see it this morning. we have 45. light southwesterly winds. dew points in the low 40s. we are watching this across the country. it is starting to dip in the east. this will get more pronounced the second half of the week. things are moving quickly and not a lot of moisture to work with. so a couple of sprinkles there, here and here. this front is fairly dry. it's approaching buffalo and pittsburgh in to charleston, west virginia through kentucky. this afternoon the front will be pushing through us. and winds picking up and tomorrow evening with high pressure nearby we will have clouds. and the next system will give
5:48 am
us a chance of a sprinkle on thursday. as we look at the seven-day forecast, temperatures after today dropping to the 50s and staying there for thursday and friday. low 50s. night time lows 39. that means we could have frosty conditions north and west. saturday, sunday, monday. looking nice. the temperatures warm up through the 60s. it is traffic time. here's angie. >> traffic time with angie and i begin with a virginia alert for you. 12 minutes from the 6:00 hour and folks on 66 eastbound at route 50 already have an accident. good news it is off though right shoulder. lanes are getting by. we are starting to slow down approaching route 50 which is around the time when speeds drop in the area. jumping over to 395 heading northbound. more head lights. we are slowing down an duke street to seminary. in the district, here's the shot of kenilworth and eastern avenue a different story here. we are all clear. heading over to north of the district, i give you the outer
5:49 am
loop so far so good. and finish with our maps. 95 and the bw parkway, both roads are at speed. no accidents down to 495. kristin, what's going on? >> reporter: well, there's only two months left in 2009. how crazy is that? i square this year has flown by. to celebrate our partners website metro has just launched the best of 2009 awards. what they have done is selected 25 categories from best cheap eats to the best metro line, each with five nominees and the winners will be announced on our best of show that will air here on wusa 9 at the end of the year but before we can pick the winners we need you to vote. let's look at the top contenders. in the category for cheapest eats which of course we all love, especially in this economy. the top of the list we have
5:50 am
julia's emaanadas. ben's chili bowl and tony changes under the category of tastiest fries and i have a front runner picked here. you have the belgium fries, five guys, good stuff eatery, catch upand the priciest option, bourbon steak. i believe they are fried in truffle oil and they are delicious. but probably the priciest on the list. here's my favorite category. the category for the best thing to happen to dc. the nominees for this one are inauguration festivities which are almost a year ago by this point in time. the real world leaving dc. cell phones working on the metro. that's a big one. how about the frozen yogurt craze. that would be one of the best things that happened to dc and finally the quality mart. and our final category we will look at is the best local blog since we do focus on what's hot
5:51 am
on the web. the nominees for best local blog are the dcist, kc kate and night life pr. where's our blogs on this list. >> i don't know. >> might have ban conflict of interest, what do you think. >> that's a good excuse. i like that. >> thank you, kristin. if you want to see michael jackson's film you now have a little more time to do that. that story is coming up. but good news about expectant mothers fearful of taking a common class of drugs. and in the examiner, an inspection of the youth investigation division finds dozens of unsaw curred boxes with confidential sex abuse case files and videos. the department of education finds maryland and virginia are setting the bar too low and a multimillion-dollar parking lot makes $9,000 in the first two months of the operation.
5:52 am
read these story and more in the examiner. it is 5:51. you are watching 9 news now now. g
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oh my goff! i'm angie. look at what's buzzing in
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entertain. michael jackson's "this is it "raked in $100 million worldwide in the first five days. sony says the fill film will run in u.s. theaters through thanksgiving day weekend. for those that thought the dark knight was heath ledger's last performance, you are wrong. before his death he filmed another movie. it stars johnny depp and colin farrell. the boss was back and born to run reborn on the stage of verizon center last night. it's where bruce springsteen and the e street band began the final three weeks of their tour. he played in the born in the usa era song stand on it for the first time this year. it's the girl for actor mel gibson and his girlfriend. gibson's publicist says she was born on friday. this makes eight for gibson who
5:56 am
has seven kids with ex-wife robin. andrea, are you giggling? >> eight's enough. >> that's right. well, from angie's army, dwayne best reports living green advocates were on 8th street. it is for dc green works fall fund-raiser that celebrated eco friendly roofing and in the area. sustainable art was on display. >> i think it is a great idea. i watched it four or five days and [ inaudible ] >> reporter: and from one of my blog readers melissa wells our of chicago, as british author showed up at borders in georgetown to talk about the famous and pretty metro system in paris. it is about his new book "paris
5:57 am
underground." and mandy from burke says thanks the troops and meet redskins super bowl legends today. hall is expected among those to sign autographs at the sprint store. the thank the troops event is between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. where military members can get discounts on cell phones. and there's an after party held next door from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. we will have a reporter covering it. like mandy, do you know of a good event happening in the area? enlist in my army of reporter and shoot me an e-mail at there's a bit of good news among the latest flu alerts. as anita brickman tells us a new study on antibiotic and pregnancy may give relief to expectant moms this season. >> reporter: like most expectant moms she is hesitant
5:58 am
to take antibiotics. >> i want to know the impact to the child, the unborn baby. >> reporter: but it can be important during flu season. >> the most common type of bacterial infection after the flu is secondary infection. the same bacteria that would cause pneumonia. >> a new study may ease fears for moms to be. they looked at 20,000 mothers and found that they are not associated with most birth defects. the doctors say the findings are important because not treating a secondary infection during pregnancy can put the mother and child at risk. >> the infections can have an affect on the pregnancy and result in low birth weight and pre-term birth. >> reporter: it linked two groups of antibiotics to a number of severe birth defects. these are commonly used to treat urinary tract infections. >> after reading this i don't
5:59 am
think we will use this because we have other ones anyhow. >> reporter: the more information the women have the better. anita brickman for 9 news now and for a list of places where the h1n1 vaccine is available for high-risk patients in our area, including pregnant women, log on to click on flu alert. howard bernstein, good morning. sunshine yellow says it all for the day. >> it will be a nice day. a few more clouds and this morning the winds are light and the temperature temperatures dropped in the 30s in many spots. low to mid-30s west of town. oakland is 41. winchester is 40. martinsburg 33. shenandoah valley regional airport, culpeper 34. 39 baltimore in easton but the national airport, that water is keeping them at 45. looking at sunshine this morning. a couple of clouds this afternoon. breezy with highs in the low 60s and 5:00 temperature is


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